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I could not use the refine edge command while having selected a group. How to use the refine edge tool in photoshop phlearn. I chose the cs6 standalone, not caring to pay a monthly rental fee. Usually, new layer with layer mask is the best option. The refine edge feature has been completely revised for photoshop cs5 and now has the wow factor when it comes to creating composite images. The use of the alt key to subtract or refine the mask was non functional. Default keyboard shortcuts in adobe photoshop adobe support. Selections getting started with photoshop cs6 research guides. So in this online photoshop tutorial i am going to show you. This photoshop cs6 training video clip from infiniteskills shows how use the programs enhanced refine edge tool to remove difficult backgrounds from fine objects such as hair. Using other tools arent always the best option when dealing with complicated edges. Select and mask tool does not function photoshop family. Shift key or alt key option key on the mac, to add or subtract respectively see below for more tips. Or i cannot find either after reading instructions and tutorials.

If youd like to use the output to option to output to a different location such as a layer mask, be sure that you are not on the background. I upgraded from cs5 to cs6 without realizing that neither the extract or refine edges command would be available in cs6. Adobe photoshop cs6 tutorial working with refine edge. The photoshop refine edge tool makes the task of making selections of. Although you probably wont need to finetune a simple marquee selection, thats what this option does. Using the refine edge command adobe photoshop cs6 tutorial. How to refine edges in photoshop step by step guide. Predominantly using the refine edge tool in photoshop cs6 i discuss some of best ways to use to use the tool and. The select and mask tool is a time wasting option which doesnt work. In this tutorial i will be giving you a simple tip on how you can reenable or use the refine edge tool in adobe photoshop cc 2017. Could not complete the refine edge command because of a program error. Short video showing some of the best ways to extract hair from a plain background. Using the refine edge tool in photoshop cs6 youtube.

Instead, after you make a selection, hold the shift key down on the. I have to constantly switch to an older system with cs6 just to use the superior refine edge tool. Make your selection doesnt have to be perfect, but best you can. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

How to use the marquee refine edge option in photoshop cs6. Refining a mask masks and channels in adobe photoshop cs6. Use the refine edge tool in photoshop to make precise edits on all. Guide to the refine edge tool in photoshop envira gallery. The refine edge option improves the quality of selection edges, letting you. Whenever we have to make selection of hairs or to make the edges smooth of any object, then we use refine edge too. Select the refine radius tool in the refine mask dialog box. Learn how to use the refine edge to select hair out of a busy background in photoshop cs5 part two. Selecting hair from a busy background using refine edge in. This tutorial shows you where to find the refine edge command in the latest. You can still access the old refine edge feature in photoshop cc 2017. Adjust pixel selections in photoshop adobe support.

Its very weird that i cant see the refine edge tool anywhere. Shiftpress shortcut key if use shift key for tool switch preference is selected. How to enable refine edge tool in adobe photoshop cc 2017. Be a professional editor and for all this stay connected to us by subscribing. Adobe photoshop cc 2017 replaced the refine edge tool with. Join julieanne kost for an indepth discussion in this video, selecting softedged objects using refine edge, part of photoshop cs6 essential training. In photoshop cs6, the refine edge tool in the options bar will give you the ability to finetune your selections to give the finished product a polished look.

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