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To win at sphere break every time you play all you need is the four basic coins you get when you first start playing and an iron giant coin. If the player defeats the enemy using an aeon, then yuna will be. Turn 01, do not hit x double click on the sbreak file you downloaded. Go to the bikanel desert and dig in the following places western expanse. If you want to toy with them, just know that ive caped the coin count echo value to 6 because the algorithm i am using becomes very slow starting at 6. Feb 26, 2017 have you ever been really fed up with trying to beat shinra in sphere break, wasting long amounts of time and attempts with no success.

Collect the required number of points in no more than the number of turns allowed to win the game. Most americans had never encountered the option of expert sphere grid before, as it was only included in international copies of final fantasy x. Final fantasy x2 sphere break faq playstation 2 by. Fool proof sphere break win every time final fantasy x2. Final fantasy extreme final fantasy 102 x2 crimsonspheres. Core breaks must be achieved using the same multiple value used in. Each bolded number ontop of the columns in the cheat sheet below represents the center core number in sphere break. Final fantasy x2 sphere break faq written by sakuracream version 3. Final fantasy x 2 hd remaster in high definition part 1 for the playstation 3. If microsoft excel isnt installed on your computer or you dont want to use it to. Instead of following the old system of card games, in which you can win easily if you have got some rare cards in your hand.

You dont really have to worry about your opponent so much as the time and turn limits. Drawing lines on this grid is no different than drawing them using a pencil and paper. Tournament if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. Before heading for the moonflow i checked out every commsphere. No missions this is where high summoners once fought sin. Meaning that empty nodes have to be changed and then activated with something like an hp sphere or strength sphere. Celsius commspheres dear diary, i have to give shinra some credit.

If you havent gone past the calm land yet do that and continue till you get the airship and keep capturing 10 of each monster but for starter just till you get at lest one of each monster in all areas and work on getting hp at 9999 and keep on using. Final fantasy x2 crimson spheres crimson spheres are records of events of the crimson squad. May 08, 2014 final fantasy x 2 hd remaster in high definition part 1 for the playstation 3. The mechanics of the minigame are purely mathematical, relying on sums and multiplications.

Final fantasy x2 hd remaster part 8 lucas sphere break. Step onto the blue glyph on the floor and it will teleport you to the via infinito. Coins with item trait of pet core sphere may yield white signet garment grid, and that of shinra core sphere may yield treasure hunt garment grid. Final fantasy x2sphere break strategywiki, the video game. This walkthrough has been organized into chapters for easy viewing. Its been so long since i updated, i guess im making up for it all now.

Providing uptodate information on all final fantasy games as well as unlimited media for download. Well after using a new game plus and going back, i yet again had to beat. Sphere break is a minigame in ffx 2, just like card games in the past ffs. We are the site that brings you hundreds of pages of content for every final fantasy. Ffx2 dressphere locations and uses spoliers just like most. Download rebirth 2016 hdrip xvid ac3evo torrent or any other torrent from other movies category. The expert sphere grid has fewer nodes by about 50, so the expert grid will be quicker, especially once you activate all of the empty nodes.

Final fantasy x2 how to beat shinra in sphere break. Register yourself as a member of eyes on final fantasy in order to post, have less ads, be able to read more thread replies per page, and much much more. Im going a little out of order, i know, but i just want this project to be completed. Sphere break is one of the few mini games that spans almost the entirety of the game. Final fantasy friday twitch final fantasy x cheats and secrets for ps2 final fantasy x ps2 walkthrough and guide page 4 gamespy. So this is actually pretty simple to do with this sheet.

Jun 28, 2016 i made a number list that you can use to defeat shinra in sphere break without having to be good at math. Let me be clear it will not guarantee you a victory every time you play, as some luck is needed against some opponents especially the elites, where a random core1 in the middle of the game will annihilate your chances of a victory. Ff x2 sphere break calculator final fantasy xx2 hd. Guide ffx2 sphere break cheat sheet steam community. Ffx2 how to get crimson sphere 9 crimson spheres location. He did a pretty good job of getting those commspheres installed everywhere. Pendant les parties vous pouvez accumuler des bonus. For final fantasy x x 2 hd remaster on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled you can cheat shinra sphere break. Collect coins while diigging in the bikanel desert or win them in matches. After one hell of an asskicking cutscene with lots of talking, you meet the person that you saw when you first entered the via infinito. Who would have thought there were that many hypello on spira and that we fit them all on the celsius. May 19, 2016 i beat him first try without a calculator. He ngu i post here the codes for the upcoming release of this great game. Once you find one, you can view it by talking to shinra on board the celsius.

Central blue coin sphere break sb multiplier center 4 brown coins player chosen outside 12 greyblack coins border coins bcs game play basics. Help me with sphere brake coins final fantasy x 2 super cheats forums. Basically, sphere break is a game thats all about sums and multiplications. Whatwho are the most overpowered classcharacter in each final. There are lots of coins there, and you might find different treasures. Not hard to find 3 numbers that are a multple of x and just do it every turn. His section includes break abilities like power break and armor break, which lower enemy stats, and. Ign s complete final fantasy x walkthrough includes stepbystep instructions for overcoming every challenge in squares classic rpg. You just follow the numbers and put them in the order i provided. Ffx and ffx 2 were great rpgs to begin square enixs ff series on the playstation 2, and they quickly became among of my favorite games on the console.

Have you ever been really fed up with trying to beat shinra in sphere break, wasting long amounts of time and attempts with no success. This is all the sphere break coins with there coin number,trait and where you get them. Ffx2 sphere break cheat if youre having trouble with sphere break you can hit escape and pause the timer and then do the maths. Scroll down to read our guide named official walkthrough for final fantasy x for final fantasy x on playstation 2 ps2, or click the above links for more cheats. Official walkthrough for final fantasy x guide for final. Welcome to elliotmajors ffx 2 dressphere location and uses guide there are a total of 14 normal dresspheres and 3 special dress sphere, the normal ones realte to the jobs you would usually get in an ff i. This tool was developed after many frustrating hours trying to beat the sphere break elites. Iron giant coins can be won by playing the guy right behind the little guy you get your first coins fromhe cannot be played until chapter 2. Random life nip picks from a male gamer who thinks to much. For those of you, like me, who had no idea which to choose in this situation, heres a break down both grids so you can make an easy to choise as to which one youd like to use.

Home final fantasy x 2 treasure and crimson spheres there are 22 treasure spheres to be found in final fantasy x 2. In order to save time, you should save after beating the second person during the tournement. Sphere break is a newly established coingame in final fantasy x2. You can cheat shinra sphere break final fantasy x x2 hd. A boss guide for isaaru in final fantasy x including boss stats, attacks, and strategies for defeating it. Hundreds of screen shots, iamges, mp3s, midis and other media you can think of. For final fantasy x x2 hd remaster on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled you can cheat shinra sphere break. Watching certain scenes is required to get 100% completion. Jun 10, 2019 ign s complete final fantasy x walkthrough includes stepbystep instructions for overcoming every challenge in squares classic rpg. Normally ffx2 doesnt let you pause startb to avoid this.

Its a big tourist attraction now, with lots of games to. Ffx2 sphere break tournament, shinra is impossible to beat. I made a number list that you can use to defeat shinra in sphere break without having to be good at math. When you enter the purple looking door into bevelle go to the right into the corridor and you should see the kinderguardians there and they tell you they found a secret passage.

Come back to luca during chapter 3 to participate in the sphere break tournament and see if you can defeat shinra in the final match for the lady luck dressphere. Ffx2 readable sphere break coins at final fantasy xx2 hd. Steam community guide ffx2 sphere break cheat sheet. Will feature every chapter, from intro to ending with commentary. If you keep using quick hit with a high enough strength to cause 99,000, greater sphere will just use ultima. Look at the table below for help, but an an overview of how to play sphere break can be found on the sphere break mini game page. Final fantasy x2 ultimate sphere break guide version 1. For an old man with a skin condition which makes him look slightly greener than normal, he is extremely healthy with 999,999 hp and. Completing a characters sphere grid in the final fantasy x hd. Ffxhd sphere grid trophies final fantasy x hd psnprofiles. The sphere break minigame is a bit like sudoku, as the game has a numerical grid that has to be dealt with using a set of rules.

Reis, on the other hand, is the ultimate magic user thus best summonersamuraicalculator, who can also run a party of dragons for. You can cheat shinra sphere break final fantasy x x2. In final fantasy x 2, there is a total of 10 crimson spheres to be obtained. Only way you lose is rng from the center number being 1 honestly. Final fantasy x2 sphere break sphere break can be a rather confusing game when you first start playing. Four coin sphere breaks will beat shinra faster than three coin sphere, but. Final fantasy 102 minijeux le sphere break finaland. One of the side quests in final fantasy x2 is to play in the sphere break. Nov 18, 2003 fool proof sphere break win every time.

Mar 29, 2014 like others have said, you have to activate all of the nodes. Final fantasy x2chapter 3luca strategywiki, the video. I found with sphere break just ignore the fancy mechanics and keep it simple. Plus vos adversaires seront experimentes plus les combos vous seront utiles. How do i access via infinito and where is it located. Anyway, once the publicity was taken care of it was time for rikku and me to practice for the concert.

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