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Download free powerpoint timeline diagrams now and see the distinction. Bihar is the first largest producer of vegetables and second largest producer of fruits in the country. Agara polysaccharide powder derived from algae used to gel a medium. In addition to different religious hindu, muslim, jain, buddhists, sikhs, christians groups, there are variations on the basis of race aryans, dravidians, mongolians, geographical bengalis, marwadis, gujratis, punjabis. Ppt india our country powerpoint presentation free to. In ancient and classical india, bihar was considered a centre of power, learning, and culture. Apr 15, 2008 download this template, plus more 25 in all bihar powerpoint templates and backgrounds.

The biharis are an ethnic group originating from the state of bihar in india with a history going back. Mar 20, 2016 the name bihar is derived from the sanskrit and pali word, vihara devanagari. Plant tissue culture terminology adventitiousdeveloping from unusual points of origin, such as shoot or root tissues, from callus or embryos, from sources other than zygotes. One of the art forms of bihar, the madhubani school of painting, has lately received much attention and poularity. Bihar government has launched mukhyamantri ati pichda varg udyami yojana 2020 for extremely backward class ebc category people. Under this chief minister ebc entrepreneurship scheme, the state govt. The location of bihar at a glance is that it is situated in the eastern part of india.

If you have joined or want to join vestige company, then a lot of pdf files are being given below for you so that you can know about vestige easily. Ancient bihar was home to two important universities nalanda and vikramashila. It is particularly apt considering it was the nurturing ground of religions like buddhism, jainism and hinduism. The festivals, songs and the costumes worn by the people of bihar is the mirror to its culture and traditions.

We keep updating the details of exam pattern and topic wise details and exam guide useful for the candidate for the preparation of the bihar psc civil services exam. Get the download of bihar psc civil services syllabus and previous papers below. For any query regarding this website, please contact the. Bihar culture, festivals in bihar, bihar food culture. History of bihar and culture of bihar bihar psc exam notes. Earliest myths and legends of hinduism the sanatana eternal dharma are associated with bihar. Jharkhand is a state in eastern india carved out of the southern part of bihar on 15 november 2000. Bihar history is very important section and many questions are asked from this section in various bihar exams. One of the basic reasons for the existence of such a wide variety of arts and crafts in the state is that it has. The history of the land mass currently known as bihar is very ancient.

Bihari culture includes mithila culture, bhojpuri culture and the culture of magadha. It is the thirdlargest state by population and twelfthlargest by territory, with an area of 94,163 km 2 36,357 sq mi. Indian culture indian culture is one of the oldest known cultures of humanity. Festivals of bihar has a strong bearing on the cultural heritage, traditions and the past history of the land. Culture of bihar music, literature, cuisine of bihar. Jharkhand, chhatisgrah and bihar and submitted this tenable proposal. Vestige pdf download in hindi and english free download. Although it is very difficult to cater the unique and vast cultural heritage of india still an attempt has been made to cover some of the most important relevant areas of indian culture. Download free powerpoint themes and powerpoint backgrounds for your presentations. Many of these art forms have survived through ages and are even part of present culture of rajasthan. Im bihar 2im the history of india, i gave the world its first republic.

Apr 18, 2018 bihar history is very important section and many questions are asked from this section in various bihar exams. These festivals are inherently linked with the lifestyle and culture of people of bihar. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect. Maki and associates design for the bihar museum creates an engaging and appropriatelyscaled response to a prominent site. Bihar 12th class question paper 2020, bseb intermediate important question pdf download 24042020 by zithu27 leave a comment bihar school examination board bseb will be conduct examination at 12th class standard in both government and private schools belonging to state of bihar on the basis of syllabus as prescribed by the government of bihar. Since 2005, the pace of poverty reduction in the state has picked up. Rich in diversity, bihari culture is a neat mosaic of three major religions hinduism, buddhism and jainism that had defined its literature, arts and crafts, cuisine, architecture and festivals. It is contiguous with uttar pradesh to its west, nepal to the north, the northern part of west bengal to the east, and with jharkhand to the south. Kuchipudiandhrapradesh,bharatanatyamtamilnadu,kathak,kathakali,etc. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from.

Facts about bihar all you need to know day today gk. Speech given by honble governor of bihar during joint session of bihar vidhan mandal. In fact, the festivals is the most important area in the study of people and culture. Conclusion india is a country withunity in diversity.

This repression led to the rise of forward moving and aggressive lower castes. Clothing style in bihar tussar silk sarees, sherwanis. Painting is done with fingers, twigs, brushes, nibpens, and matchsticks using natural dye and mineral pigments. People in bihar celebrate a whole range of festivals. Fahad ur rehman khan faaz faizan arsalan siddiqui maaz 2. Indian culture is well known for itscustoms,religions. Geological facts about bihar capital patna official language hindi, urdu main spoken languages hindi, magahi, bhojpuri, maithili area 94,163 sq km area rank th population 10,38,04,637 population rank 3rd sex ratio 918 females per male literacy rate 63. Society in india through agesancient period varna and jati, family and marriage in india, position of women in ancient india, contemporary period. The state shares its border with the states of bihar to the north uttar pradesh to the northwest chhattisgarh to the west odisha to the south and west bengal to the east.

Characteristics of indian culture, significance of geography on indian culture. Bihari culture refers to the culture of the indian state of bihar. Bihar is one of the states of india with culturaly most mixed population. Bihar political powerpoint maps highlighting the state outline. The state has a rich cultural heritage but now, sad to say, better known for its highly politicised, corrupt, lawless and anarchic present. We have been posting various articles under series of bihar special. Bihar 12th class question paper 2020, bseb intermediate. What you will have is a further engaged target market, and the go with the go with the flow of information is clean and quick. This bihar powerpoint theme or template is mostly colored pink. Bihar board 12th model papers 2021 pdf download all. Now to provide all material at gradeup on bihar history at one place we are providing bihar history pdf, which will assist you in your revision and ace the upcoming. Home to many historically and culturally important places, bihar has rich heritage to boast about. Gautam buddha attained enlightenment at bodh gaya, a town in the gaya district that gave rise to buddhism which spread across the world.

Bihar result 2015 the bihar school examination board bseb is a board of education which manages the education at matric and 12th level all over the state. The social order in bihar was always fairly rigid with the lower castes at the mercy of feudal landlords. In fact, it extends to the very dawn of human civilization. Download this template, plus more 25 in all bihar powerpoint templates and backgrounds. The download includes a title slide thats distinct from the rest of the slides. Bihar, a land of many buddhist monasteries is also known as the land of buddha. Sohar sung during the birth of child, sumangali is a wedding song. Bihar poverty, growth and inequality english abstract. The bihar plain is split by the river ganges which flows from west to east. Bihar is the largest producer of honey in the country. The people of bihar follow its ancient traditions till date and the cultural heritage of the place is still very much alive. This is a good useful resource also for advertising free powerpoint timeline diagrams for your business presentation.

Browse indian patriotism ppt presentation and get knowledge of indian culture,indian patriotism. Production of maize, sugarcane, litchi, makhana, mango, vegetables, and aromatic rice is also carried out. From here you can download the file of vestige and share it to your friends so that they can also understand the vestige and help you in your business. Bihar has given birth to many intellectuals whose knowledge has enlightened the world.

The soil of bihar is extremely fertile which makes it ideal for agriculture. People in bihar celebrate holi, saraswati puja, durga puja or dussehra, deepwali and bhaiya dooj. It is home to over 100 million people, 36 million of whom are poor. Ancient bihar, which included regions like anga, mithila and magadha, was a centre of culture, power and education. Sita, the consort of lord rama, was a princess of bihar. Mahajanpada period and the rule of magadhan empire brings glory to the ancient bihar. The land of buddhism and jainism is rich in culture and tradition.

The name bihar is derived from the sanskrit and pali word, vihara devanagari. The culture of bihar is therefore an amalgamation of rich music, pulsating folks and popular dance forms. Culture of bihar bihar culture culture and crafts in bihar. The architectural beauty of rajasthan is world renowned, forts, palaces, havelis, tombs, cenotaph and sculptures present across the geography of state, reveal the blend. Jun, 2011 the soil of bihar is extremely fertile which makes it ideal for agriculture. Steps announced to prevent spread of corona virus infection. The bihar editable map combines bihar location map, outline map, division map and district map, with additional 4 editable maps. The beautiful stories of the ancient times are depicted in the exquisite handicrafts of bihar.

Agar is generally used at a concentration of 612 gliter. The outlet to bay of bengal through kolkata port is not far away. Bpsc civil services syllabus 2019 pdf download bihar psc. It conducts departmental exams like as teachers training examination and certificate in physical education diploma in physical education. They usually wore open sandals or chappals as their footwear. A nd marketing and business topics with these slides in no time. Women wear choli or blouse on the top and a 9yard long saree called lugade or nauwari saadi.

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