Line 6 guitar pod xt pro patches

Pod pro is the perfect pod for your rackmount system, and supports a slew of additional pro features. The amp, cabinet and effects models in pocket pod will be familiar to users of other pod models, and the unit has an obvious line 6 sound. The pod hd pro x puts those tools at your fingertips, letting you run your guitar s signal through two completely independent sets of amp models and effects for rich live sounds or professionalsounding recordings. Premium guitar tone plugin features vintage and modern amps, cabs, classic stompboxes, colorful preamps, and more.

Award winning line 6 amp models that emulate an allstar collection of legendary amplifiers. Pod pro manual intro rev c page 1 monday, september 11. Downloading and syncing tones from custom tone with line 6 edit. Open quick view dialog for line 6 hx stomp multieffects processor pedal. Line 6 pod xt high gain presets demo pete cottrell youtube. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6.

The pod finally hits the floor with the release of the pod xt live. Line 6 helix click for more details and to find great prices on these pedals. This is a update from a previous video with some presets i have added to my pod xt. Pedal power pod pro channels, tap in your effect speedstimestempos, and kick in the tuner, plus both give you wah and volume pedal control. I did not use the digital input for this one, but reamped into the guitar in, so youll have the coloration of the mediocre line6.

I recall checking out a clip of the pod x3 and i was intrigued by the bass demo. It has a 14 inputs and 14 left mono and right outputs. Pod pro guitar tone on the floor live xt an indepth exploration of the revolutionary technologies and pulsing tonal pleasures that lurk within pod xt and pod xt pro. Our vetta ii amplifier includes a digital connection for the variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the vetta ii so that when you call up a vetta channel memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. Early line 6 products used digital modeling to emulate the signature tone of a. Follow this product to see new listings in your feed. Their product lines include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and bass amplifiers, effects units, usb audio interfaces and guitar bass wireless systems. The line 6 pod xt, marketed as the ultimate tone for guitar, is a comprehensive modeler, an approximation of everything under the sun from the birth of rock and roll to 2002and the pod with which ive had the most experience. Line 6 pod x3 live artist patches guitar multieffects. Pod xtl download the patches i used to use a pod xtl, but recently switched to the pod x3l.

Line 6 hd pro x patchespresets for line 6 pod hd pro x. You can load them via midiusb using the gearbox, line 6 edit, guitarport editor, vboard, patchmanager, xt organizer, sounddiver or patchwizard software, or workbench for the. Line 6 releases the floor pod and goes back to basics, featuring only 12 amp and cab models and a builtin expression pedal. Tones contributed by users to the public tone exchange are made by individual users, who are in no way.

I have blind tested another musician with the same song using xt x3 tones, hd tones and gt100 tones and that person clearly preferred xt x3. I am looking for some pod xt live patches for live use straight to the board. Hey, i got my pod xt live today and its awsome man, but im really bad with putting tones together etc. Mark ewing the new line 6 flextone iii is also worth a mention here, as it has a preamp system based closely on that of the podxt, though with a simplified control system, a limit of four user patches unless one of the optional line 6 foot controllers is used and some interesting new amp models not available from the podxt or podxt pro. Home line 6 pod x3 live artist patches description. An advanced member of line 6 s pod family, the pod xt pro guitar effects processor delivers 32 groundbreaking amp models built from the awardwinning technology found in the vetta amp. Ive had the pod guitar and bass xt pro s for some time now and, when i record them direct their absolutly crushing. I have downloaded a bunch of them from the web site but they all seem to get lost in the mix. Line 6 recently released the x series, upgraded versions of their flagship pod hd pro and hd500 models. Dial in to the biggest tones in rock with this exclusive collection of artist sounds and effects. The line 6 pod xt live is a multieffects board that models amplifiers, stompboxes, and effects.

Get info on all the modeled amps that pod, pod pro and flextone ii offer. When used with the online guitar tutorials, patch data is loaded directly into the unit, as opposed to the guitar port where the computer powers the amp modelling. Its also loaded with 22 cab and 4 mic models, 49 stompbox and studio effects, and 36 programmable channels. Editor patch management for pod xt pro patches line 6. Does any one have or know where i can get some good patches that cut good in a band setting. When i first bought the helix rack i was a bit disappointed with the default patches provided by line 6 but then i found your youtube channel and all the amazing sounds that are possible with the helix. Guitar effect patches for line 6 x3, x3 live and x3 pro. The right io for any live or studio setup line 6 made sure that players who want to use the hd pro x to record are covered. I was looking at the bass pod xt live at one point. Line 6 pod hd500x patches guitar effects presets amp tone artist settings line6. This is a compilation of patches made with the line 6 pod x3 live guitar processor designed to elevate your creativity and playing experience. The pro is the rack mount version, costs a bit more. The line 6 pod stuff is okay, but if you really wanna be a guitar player, dont waste yer time and get a tube amp, youll be so much happier. These are from the hd pro x patch collection and also from the hd500, hd pro, hd500x patch collections which have been converted to the new hd pro x format.

This arsenal of rare vintage treasures, modern boutiques, and perennial classics offers nearly unlimited creative possibilities. Like the guitar podxt, the bass podxt is based on the newergeneration line 6 vetta modelling technology, and aims to provide the recording bass player with more accurate amp and speaker emulations, more. Pod xt live is an uncomplicated, gigready tone machine thats portable and adaptable to different real world stage and recording environments. Line 6 is a musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturer. Line 6 pod hd pro x guitar multieffects rackmount processor. The xt definitely cleans house for clean amps, and if you. There is also a 18 input for cd or mp3s player at line level with adjustable gain for that channel. Line 6 helix limitededition lightning blue multieffects guitar pedal. Packing in more effects than ever before 95 and a ton of presets, live users rejoice heartily. I tried the hd model and could not use my x3 tones programs and the ones i tried in the hd just were not as good as the ones in the x3. I also keep reverb down to under 20% because my church is quite big, with plenty of natural reverberation. Unfollow line 6 pod xt pro to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

This updated line 6 unit combines improved amp modelling, compression, enhanced eq, and a sizeable repertoire of modelled stompbox effects. Line 6, pod, pod pro, bass pod, flextone, floor board, fb4, ax2. Used line 6 pod hd500x amp modeler effect processor. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in calabasas, california line 6 imports its products primarily from china citation needed. I quickly bought the patches available along with the custom artist patches you started working on. Their product lines include electric and acoustic guitars, basses, guitar and.

For maximum control, you can connect the pocket pod to your pc or mac, via the supplied usb cable, and access all parameters with the vyzex editor librarian software a free download. Line 6 hd pro x patches presets for line 6 pod hd pro x huge time saver. Line 6 is currently making the fourth generation pods, the latest is called a pod hd, which supposedly has considerable sonic improvements over the earlier versions. Pod xt live presets demo line 6 multi effects fx electric guitar. Line 6 variax guitars are immune to this sort of radiation induced hum also, since it does not use traditional magnetic pickups. Here youll find files that you can download up to your pod x3, podxt, pod 2.

Line 6 podxt live professional floor guitar preamp youtube. Line 6 podxt live ive had one of these before but it got stolen, now i have it again its really nice. The pod hd pro x is a rackmountable, allinclusive guitar system that puts scores of cool sounds at your disposal. Customtone is a place for you to trade line 6 presets, and connect with other line 6 users. The one thing i dont like about this multi effects is it has alot of spacelike star trek noises that i will. Check here for answers to your technical questions. Its been a long time since ive had another go on a line 6 pod xt live. This will sound awesome through big high quality pa speakers, and boring timid through headphones. Line 6, pod, podxt live, podxt pro, vetta, fbv, fbv. Guitar effect patches for the line 6 x3, x3 live and x3 pro the pod x3 family will inspire and amaze you with the most complete collection of pod quality guitar amp and effect models ever.

Discussion in microphones live or studio started by eddies880, mar 22, 2005. In my opinion the hd is superior in terms of feel and response when you play, however not necessarily in terms of recorded sound. Create, record and perform with guitar in new ways. Many of you have asked me about my pod patches, here they are. Download over 400 patches for pod, pod pro and flextone ii. The line 6 pod xt live includes over 80 stompbox and studio effects, 36 amp models. Have a pod xt live pro guitar, is their a vid on how to set it back to. Third gen was pod x3, which had a bigger screen than the xt.

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