Cummins 53 block cracks in basement

The engine was first manufactured in 1988 and was launched with the 1989 dodge ram. The cummins block cracks from two factors, one is harmonic vibration of the castin cylinder walls as they work against the block skirt, and the other is cavitation from the coolant allowing bubbles to form as it vibrates, which slowly eats through the block. I will be purchasing a dodge cumins diesel truck between the years of 20002002 i just found out that they all come with the 53 block. While other cummins blocks have been known to crack, the 53 blocks are by far the most common. I am craving a rebuilt ppump high horsepower motor. If anybody on here buys a used cummins and the engine cracks on themthey have only themselves to blame. It is a twopart commercial block building, built in 1881, 45 feet 14 m along its facade and 50 feet 15 m deep. Think smart increase your living space with a cost effective, energy efficient and dry concrete block basement.

I dont know what year it is but be careful of one manufactured from 1998 to 2002 as some of them had bad block that crack. How to fix a cracked engine block some problems you run into with your car are small problems. Performance cummins long blocks can be painted any color and are shipped pre. There highly reliable, there simple to work on, they get good fuel economy, they make gobs of torque, and any model year engine can easily be turned up to obtain more power. I have a 2000 cummins with the 53 block that has a flaw in the casting being too thin and prone to cracking and wondering how many on this forum have experience with a cracked bock. All warranty work must be preauthorized by pilot engines. There were also horizontal cracks on the concrete block foundation walls in the basement bob. The kdp is a design flaw based on most if not all engines made by cummins from 93to mid 03. Cummins cylinder block,cummins cylinder blcok china,cummis gunuiue cylinder block et no. This is why we can back our engines with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty that we stand behind our engines have been remanufactured to factory specs using all new industry recognized name brand parts that meet and exceed oem specifications. I do feel fairly certain that grading and drainage are the culprits at work here and correcting those issues may very likely be the end of things. I know there has been a huge load of bs of late about the dodge cummins 53 block see posts in dodge weaks enginetrans.

The 53 block casting has thin water jacket walls that are susceptible to cracking. This is not your typical rebuilt, reman or crate engine. Im wondering if i should swap a 12v block and put my built 24v head on it and ramp up my build from there. Thermal expansion can develop enough pressure to cause cracks in cast iron. Well i found out that i have a 53 block and i dont know how much it would cost to replace it with a built 55. The cummins 53 block was used in cummins 24 valve isb diesel engines from 1998. Supposedly it affects about 100,000 blocks, but not only in dodge rams. Block basements the common sense basement for your home. The 53 is stamped on the block in big letters that are visible if you slide under the motor home and look. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Pure diesel power offers the best in water jacket fillers like the hard blok engine block filler and more. Top problem areas to look at on 9802 dodge cummins secret tips for buying used diesel trucks duration.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I looked at it and found no cracks but did find the 53 on it. Concrete block basement construction specifications. There was a service head gasket made but never have seen one that was for a. Cummins isb 53 block thanks to stamey what is the 53 block. From what i have seen first gen engines had one oil drain and 14mm mains, you can also find 14mm mains in early 2d gens. Construct your basement with concrete block and comply with the international residential code irc. A buddy of mine just bought a 99 cummins and when i found out, i told him about the 53 block issuesi welded 3 unsuccessfully in 2001, cummins replaced the blocks. With coolant cavitation, corrosion, coolant pressure in the block, frequent or heavy towing they may crack, causing a loss of coolant. If this is in a case tractor or machine, the machine model and serial number must also be provided.

Losing coolant from passenger side of the block slowly and had to add coolant due to loss,is there a temporary fix to stop the coolant from leaking for the mean time. Some believed the problem to be found only in high horse power versions or those with standard transmissions or those that were used to pull heavy loads. How to fix a cracked engine block bluedevil products. Complete dropin engines carry a full 2 yearunlimited mile warranty. Archive 53 block class action lawsuit 9802 2nd gen. I know there has been a huge load of bs of late about the dodgecummins 53 block see posts in dodge weaks enginetrans. The 53 block was also used in medium duty trucks from different manufacturers, mobile homes, public school buses and mass transportation buses. Dodge cummins 98 01 watch out for weak block read 17564 times. The 1999 dodge ram 2500 has 3 problems reported for cracked engine block. This block has full water jackets and is intended for diesel tractor pulling application. If you own this particular block series, have a professional mechanic inspect the block for cracks and other casting anomalies.

I like cummins, but the 2000 cummins isb engines with a 53 block have a chance of cracking the block. B series cummins manufactured from heat treated 4140 billet steel. The 53 is stamped on the block in big letters that are visible if you slide under the motor home and look at the pan. I have no leaks with 190k on the truck and im guessing if it was to crack it would have done it by now. We custom build this engine for your application, with the best parts available in the industry including cummins, mahle clevite, hamilton, and arp. Block was featured in race engine technology magazine. The cummins 6bt engine or more commonly known as the cummins 5. We custom build this cummins engine to match your engine serial and cpl number. You aught to be able to turn in a cracked block to dodge and get reimbersed. I just wanted to thank you, oregonpharmer for posting this. Brazilian blocks are cast by a company named tupy and are marked such.

Special thanks to stameys website for this faq about the 53 block. Hard blok engine block filler water jacket filler pure. I went to the local junk yard and found a 2000 mexican block and a 9 215hp. To activate the warranty, all engines must be registered within 30 days from shipment. Apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 percent of the 53s have cracked and leaked coolant. The 53 comes from a casting number on the side of the block and is used to identify the problem blocks. If you can find a 2002 cummins, it will bolt right into your 2nd gen. Lincoln in lincoln, kansas, was listed on the national register of historic places in 2000. Those owners of a cummins 24v isb engine in a 19982001 model year vehicle. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. Dodge cummins 98 01 watch out for weak block in general. Cracked radiator hoses, blown fuses, or worn brakes are all problems that can leave you stranded but in the end are simple fixes that can get you back on the road quickly and easily.

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